The Cerdanya

Mas d´Aravo is located in the middle of the region of La Cerdanya, one of the counties with more hours of sunshine in all the Pyrenees, which is well known for its nature, history, gastronomy, art and culture, besides being a place ideal for any sport related to mountains and nature. The pleasant summer temperatures are ideal for sport in our forests and evergreen conifers shunning noise, stress and heat of the city. In winter, the sun will make any of these activities enjoyable. A region that resolve the demands of all members of the family because the Cerdanya is a meeting between friends.

Our farmhouse is in the triangle drawn between Puigcerdà, Talltorta and Bolvir and very close to France, Andorra and the Alt Urgell. Those interested in skiing, mushrooms, aeroplanes, fishing, golf, horse riding, trekking, mountain biking, quad biking, hiking, climbing, paragliding …you will find us between the idyllic meadows around the Carol river near the three apartments.


The Cerdanya is above all nature. If you want to get the best, if you are able to respect its laws and heritage, the environment, you can enjoy nordic walking, hiking, paragliding, skiing, skydiving, flying plane, horseback riding, rafting, quads, fishing, hunting, flying, petanque, archery, karts… and all the varieties you can imagine. We inform and advise you on the offer and help you to contact.

Ski and Winter Sports

The three apartments are very close to the 16 alpine ski resorts and the 11 cross-country skiing, there in the Catalan and French Cerdanya also on infrastructure Andorra. Also, there are more winter sports such as snowshoeing, mushing, snowmobiles, building igloos or visit The Pirena and so forth.

The 11 cross-country trails are in Lles, Aransa, Guils-Fontanera, Cambre d’Aze, Formigueres, Les Angles, Porté Puymorens, Font Romeu, Capcir Pyrénees 2000 i La Rabassa (Andorra). And the alpine ski are in La Molina, Masella (Alp 2500), Cambre d’Aze, Formigueres, La Quillane, Les Angles, Porté Puymorens, Puigmal 2900 Puyvalador Rieutor, Font-Romeu Pyrenees 2000, Les Neiges Catalan Pyrenees (St.Pierre Forcats-Eyne), Arinsal, Ordino, Pal, Soldeu el Tarter and Pas de la Casa-Grau Roig.


The three different country borders makes the choice of products and ways of cooking very different. From the most basic and popular as trinxat (potatoes and winter cabbage) or the steak, to the more “haute cuisine”, elaborate and exquisite. It all depends on your palate and also different expectations. The offer is as varied and diverse is so sublime, it would be unfair to cite a few at the expense of the others. You you will have to ask us for help to bring you ideas to decide and, if necessary, to make your reservations.


The routes that we offer you will be on foot, mountain bike, riding, or skiing… The Cerdanya has endless possibilities from the routes of the Cathars, the Templars, the Mushroom Collectors, and the lovers of the cuisine, art and nature in general.

Romanesque art

Surely, the birth of the current  Catalunya starts in La Cerdanya, in the eighth and ninth centuries to the “Hispanic Mark” to prevent the passage of all the peoples of the south to the nascent Europe. The Cerdanya is an example of Romanesque very important and interesting to follow the line of the way of St. James with an assortment of churches and chapels that will delight lovers of this type of art, easily visited by car.

Traditional activities

We provide all the information of the cultural and traditional activities. From the different festivals, jazz concerts, classical music or gospel to enjoy the hybrid culture of three different nationalities (Andorra, Catalonia and France) found in this region. Among the different parties can find the Pond Party (Puigcerdà), the Gastronomic Festival in Puigcerdà of Trinxat or a trade fair of international character as the Show Horses of Puigcerdà or Accordion Meetings in Arsèguel.


Since the Roman times (including some cases dating from before this period) in the Cerdanya were used sulphurous waters which flow directly from the underground in Dorres, Sant Vicenç dels Banys or Llo, among many others. Keep in mind, also, the former location of the Collada, specializing in spa and all kinds of health treatments by good performance of water and the relax of a massage.