The Cerdanya

Mas d´Aravo is located in the middle of the region of La Cerdanya, one of the counties with more hours of sunshine in all the Pyrenees, which is well known for its nature, history, gastronomy, art and culture, besides being a place ideal for any sport related to mountains and nature. The pleasant summer temperatures are ideal for sport in our forests and evergreen conifers shunning noise, stress and heat of the city. In winter, the sun will make any of these activities enjoyable. A region that resolve the demands of all members of the family because the Cerdanya is a meeting between friends.

Our farmhouse is in the triangle drawn between Puigcerdà, Talltorta and Bolvir and very close to France, Andorra and the Alt Urgell. Those interested in skiing, mushrooms, aeroplanes, fishing, golf, horse riding, trekking, mountain biking, quad biking, hiking, climbing, paragliding …you will find us between the idyllic meadows around the Carol river near the three apartments.