Mas d'Aravó

The Mas d´Aravó was designed and built 120 years ago by the family of Antonio Jaumandreu  Cabello from Barcelona, who was enriched after export business in North America and transatlantic stock exchange and decided to set a residential house in the Cerdanya for health reasons. So, therefore, that the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, began to condition all the meadows of the river for the summer, walk and enjoy nature. In addition, the gentleman was very fond of riding horses, playing polo and even the former stagecoach stop of the pass was in the farmhouse.

Mr. Cebello began constructing various buildings for livestock (horses, pigeons, cows …) which was numbered. It was hard work because the tube that put all the trees on the banks of the river and pave the way for future green pastures of the Mas d’Aravó. The first building was used both for livestock and for keeping the grass in the summer to the cold winter is that we have restored and Rural Housing. Later, would come the apiary and other birds to stop the residential house, mainly for the month of August. A summer house in the Cerdanya who was proud to host the writer Narcis Oller, the poet Joan Maragall or musician Albéniz, to name just a few of those great men of the Catalan society of the end of the century.

When the owner died, the family that he was unable to maintain the property for only a month, decided to sell this property to the family Meya. The Mas d’Aravó had to adapt the difficult circumstances of a century and began operating as a house of a farmer, like other farmhouses in the region.