Casa Colonos

We have rehabilitated the Masover House in Mas d'Aravó and you can enjoy an 8-bed duplex with 4 bedrooms (2 doubles and 2 twins) and three bathrooms. A kitchen open to the dining room. We will prepare a breakfast with local products.

The Mas d´Aravó was designed and built 120 years ago by the family of Antonio Jaumandreu  Cabello from Barcelona, who was enriched after export business in North America and transatlantic stock exchange and decided to set a residential house in the Cerdanya for health reasons. So, therefore, that the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, began to condition all the meadows of the river for the summer, walk and enjoy nature. In addition, the gentleman was very fond of riding horses, playing polo and even the former stagecoach stop of the pass was in the farmhouse.